Actress Blessing Ofoegbu missed S** amid COVID-19

Actress Blessing Ofoegbu has confessed that she’s sex starved. According to her, this was due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its attendant lockdown and social distancing rule. Counting her losses, Actress Blessing Ofoegbu told Inside Nollywood that it has been three months since she had intimate affairs with her lover.

“COVID-19 era is such a trying moment for all of us. This is a time for everyone to reflect and sober up on the true meaning of life. I had the quietest time of my life in the last three months. We all need each other to survive. I miss life in its state of normalcy.

It gets so uncomfortable staying indoors without any outside relationship. It’s more like being held up in a cell. For once, in my life, I understood what being a prisoner looks like.

I missed my lover and loved ones. I have to be honest; I miss sex a lot. But because of social distancing, I have to be on isolation mood. It has not been easy,” she explained.

Earlier Blessing Ofoegbu has shared with Inside Nollywood the main reasons young ladies now prefer older men when it comes to marriage.

“I don’t really bother myself over this Regina Daniels’ marriage brouhaha. However, everybody knows what they want in life. If Regina is happy and in love with Ned, let him carry on in good faith. I hope the man feels likewise. In life, we all deserve to be happy.

“Come to think of it, age doesn’t really count. Ladies no longer have a thing for young men, because they can’t keep one woman. They are worst. They don’t have human feelings any more, Actress Blessing Ofoegbu said.

These men always jump from one slay queen to another. So, I don’t blame girls who go for older men that will give them happiness and true love. If I see the opportunity, I don’t mind, as long as I am happy in the relationship,” Actress Blessing Ofoegbu asserted.

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